WoodWing software has released a public beta of its Smart Layout plug-in for Adobe InDesign.

The plug-in optimizes layout, and offers structured XML export capabilities to publish InDesign content across different media.

Smart Layout adds the "Article Concept" to InDesign. Article Concept gathers the elements of an article - the head, intro and body text as a single page item - enabling the elements to be manipulated as a single element. Without Smart Layout, InDesign treats each article element as separate items.

Other features of the plug-in include Smart Resizing - which minimizes the number of steps necessary to resize an article and its elements - and Smart Borders. Smart Layout also utilizes InDesign’s library functions.

A public beta should not be considered a full working version, and should be treated with caution, particularly by novice users. The public beta of Smart Layout is available from WoodWing Software. The full version will cost £300 and should be available in September.