Adobe is taking its page-layout application InDesign 2.0 on the road with a series of special events (in conjunction with Macworld), aimed at publishers from diverse markets.

Dubbed "The Quark Killer" by some, InDesign 2.0 offers several features absent from other established DTP solutions: it creates PDFs natively, integrates with key Adobe applications such as Photoshop, and is already available for Mac OS X.

The roadshows aim to attract senior decision makers from across the publishing industry, including newspaper, magazine and catalogue publishers. Adobe is offering its audience a chance to meet 12 of the UK's most prominent InDesign integrators, as well as sessions with experts from Apple, HP and some top training organizations.

Integrators at the show include newspaper publishing-systems specialists, plug-in manufacturers and cataloguers. Adobe hopes to show publishers how they can improve their workflow by adopting InDesign.

The series of events continues into January. Events are split into two tracks - track one (9:30-12:45) for newspapers and magazines; track two (13:00-16:30) for advertising, design and catalogue agencies.

The events take place on:
December 10, London;
January 16, Birmingham;
January 21, Edinburgh;
January 28, Manchester;
January 29, Exeter;
February 5, Dublin;
February 12, London.

More information regarding the event is available online.