A Lowly Apprentice Production has introduced InTools for InDesign 2.0.

The tool kit consists of :

InStarburst: A one-stop shop for creating editable starbursts within InDesign documents;

InPathFinder: Combines selected objects into single ones to create compound shapes, allowing users to later these according to the shapes of the overlapping objects;

InItemMarks: Makes custom crop and registration marks for individual objects and pages;

InPrint: Selects a portion of an InDesign page in order to either print it or save it to a file in a number of file formats;

InNudge: Adjusts the position and rotation of objects and pictures using a control palette; and

InModify: Offers a dialogue box through which to modify all attributes of a selected object or group.

InTools for InDesign 2.0 is available for Mac OS X or OS 9.x and costs $99.99.