UK indie label trade group the Association of Independent Music will release its new discussion paper, 'Copyright Reform in the Digital Age', on July 12.

The paper aims to offer a consensus opinion between music companies, industry organisations, technology experts and academics.

AIM Chairman and CEO Alison Wenham insists that a new approach to copyright is required: "The need for fresh debate on the broad issue of copyright reform is emphatically acknowledged by the fact that the debate is already taking place in various forums - public reviews linked to Government/Parliament (All Party Internet Group, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, The Treasury Intellectual Property Review chaired by Andrew Gowers), music industry organisations and the press.

"In all these AIM has consistently proposed that the time has come for innovative and pragmatic reform of Copyright Law, in recognition of the important changes in the way our market is working, and in response to the technology which empowers consumers effectively to assume the right to distribute copyright music as they choose.

"AIM believes that a fresh approach to Copyright is vital, starting from where we really are now and looking forward rather than back."

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