Macworld's news editor has selected a few intriguing products you may be unfamiliar with this week, with a general focus on professional users.

Zapptek's iSpeak It 1.5 lets users convert any document or Web page into an MP3 or AAC track using Mac OS X's built-in text-to-speech capabilities and the system's colourful assortment of voices. The 1.5 update to the $12.95 application lets users split large documents into multiple tracks and adds bookmark support to resulting AAC tracks. The software requires Mac OS X 10.2.

Ultralingua has announced Ultralingua Dictionaries for Macintosh (OS X) and Windows 4.4.8. This iteration of the company's high quality dictionary adds a "considerable" amount to the dictionary database, and introduces support for new language modules, French to Italian, Italian to French and Esperanto/English. Dictionaries cost $29.95 per language module.

Lake Group Software has already bought pleasure to Sims fans with its SiModifier application. Now for professionals the company has introduced Font Sneak 5.0, which is available free to try, $59.95 to buy. The application will collect fonts for output for XPress, Illustrator; Photoshop and generic EPS and PDF files.

While the demo version will only collect up to five fonts, the full version software will collect all required screen and printer fonts – including those embedded in EPS files. It's capable of collecting fonts that are not currently active on a system, and also supports batch collecting of entire folders or volumes of documents. It can test and repair damaged fonts.

Printing plug-in MadeToPrint for Adobe InDesign CS boosts the essential print presets built in to the application. It aims to save time when layout artists must recurrently select print alignments.

It supports single page PostScript and PDF output; offers a flexible file naming scheme; carries a 'Job Infobar' at the top of each page and delivers expert PostScript features so user's can customize such output. In another feature the plug-in lets users combine several jobs – PostScript, PDF or EPS into one MadeToPrint set. It costs 349 Euros and a demo is available for download.

Ever want to find out how far you've walked your mouse? Well, AlphaOmega Software's Mouse Distance Measurer 2.2 ($10) will help you. It does what it says – measuring how far your mouse travels every day.