After the taste-furore over its recent Flower Power iMac pattern, maybe it’s time to give Apple some credit for being way ahead of the game when it comes to picking the colours of the moment.

The influential international Colour Committee has chosen Indigo as the most fashionable colour around. Its decision will determine fashion lines from 2001 to 2003, with miles of cloth already dyed to gain blue benefits.

The Colour Committee is made up of delegates from the UK, US, Germany, Japan and Italy.

And since July 2000, Indigo has been the prime colour of the consumer-level iMac and iBook – following Bondi Blue and Blueberry as the most popular computer-case colour (other than beige, that is…).

Case for colour Stephen Higginson of the International Colour Authority says that “research has shown that you can sell a mediocre product in the right colour, but you can’t sell a good product in the wrong colour”.

Indigo was one of only two colours to escape the chop when Apple recently changed the colours of its iMac line-up. The other was the classically fashionable Graphite.

Martin Raymond, editor of the trend magazine Viewpoint, told this week’s Sunday Times that Indigo will replace the 1990s’ white to create a “blue minimalism”.

“It’s like the moment dawn breaks. That moment of translucency like an Indigo that’s back-lit,” he eulogized.

Apple wear According to The Sunday Times, the most powerful hidden persuader to the fashion industry is Pantone, which has a monopoly of supplying colour “chips” to the fashion industry. After the iMac’s massive influence on industrial-design trends – creating a world of translucent plastics – maybe, Apple is now having a similar influence on what we’ll be wearing.

Prepare for Flower-Power suits and Blue Dalmatian footwear in 2004…