Strydent Software has released PowerPrint Mobile Edition, a portable-printing solution for PowerBooks and iBooks.

PowerPrint Mobile Edition makes it quick and easy for portable computer users to print to any printer, according to the company. Kevin Jampole, Infowave’s vice president of sales and marketing, said: "Mac drivers and USB connections are not available for almost 90 per cent of the printers mobile users find when travelling. PowerPrint Mobile Edition solves this by providing an easy and cost effective way to connect a Mac to virtually any printer." A complete list of supported printers is available from

The software comes with a USB-to-Parallel converter cable, Delorme Street Atlas USA 6.0, TeleAdapt - a six foot retractable phone cord - and an Ethernet cross-over cable to connect Macs together without a network.

Available now in North America, PowerPrint Mobile Edition costs $99. The kit can be purchased online from Strydent Software.