Innogear has announced two new accessories that take advantage of Handspring's Springboard expansion slot, the MiniJam MP3 player and the InfoMitt pager.

MiniJam is both an MP3 player and voice recorder. Sound files are stored on Minijam's internal memory (64 megabytes) or an external memory card. MP3 and audio file management software is also bundled, this software lets you manage your soundfiles on a desktop computer for future transfer, via the USB Visor cradle. The desktop software also enables CD-ripping, taking your favourite tunes and turning them into MP3 files.

InfoMitt, the alphanumeric pager option, is set to be an affordable add-on with some very cool features. The pager can also receive email. The software for this device is PageNOW! from Mark/Space software. PageNOW! offers an "Inbox" for incoming mail, and also offers the ability to reply and then send using any Springboard compatible wireless or landline modem.

"Innogear's upcoming modules are great examples of the many types of consumer-focused handheld solutions Handspring is enabling with the Springboard expansion platform," said Ed Colligan, vice president of marketing and development for Handspring.

Both these announcements are previews. InfoMitt is expected to ship in late 1999, MiniJam in early 2000.