Koyono has introduced four new coats to its iPod-ready BlackCoat range of men's outerwear.

These new coats, named Work, Sport, and Surf carry the Made for iPod label and are available in the UK directly from the company.

All the waterproof coats feature ElekTex, a smart fabric technology from Eleksen Group that has been integrated into the lapels as iPod control pads, so you can secure the music player within its special pocket, but still control its features using fabric controls.

ElekTex is a unique five-layer laminate of electrically conductive materials that transforms fabric into an electronic touchpad. The lightweight, flexible, durable and washable technology is a major improvement on the hard touch pads, flexi-circuits and polymer switches that have limited the growth of the wearable electronics market.

The coats will be available this month from, Amazon.com, popXpress in the UK, iStuff in Italy and coolestshop.com.  Additional retail availability announcements are expected this month.

The new coats include Work, Work Premiere, Sport, and Surf:

BlackCoat Surf Edition
This coat is waterproof and rugged, but it's also lightweight and designed for summer use. Surf is a short-sleeved hybrid shirt - jacket and costs $199.

BlackCoat Sport
This coat (illustrated) is made from Nextec Flathead nylon with Epic waterproofing technology, this hybrid sport coat/overcoat is light enough to wear all day and cut with enough industrial elegance to be tucked away in a bag. It costs $299.

BlackCoat Work
This is a cross between a classic jean jacket and a sport coat and is made from lightweight stretch cotton with Nano water repellant technology. It costs $245.

BlackCoat Work Premiere Edition
The same cut as the BlackCoat Work but this time made from waterproof, breathable Nextec Flathead nylon with Epic waterproofing technology. It costs $275.