Insider Software has released Insider UpdateAgent 8, its Internet-based updating service.

UpdateAgent 8 includes a new demo version that tells users exactly what they need to bring their Macintosh systems up-to-date.

Insider UpdateAgent brings every application and operating system program on a Mac up to date with the latest updates from over 2,000 software vendors. The program determines which updaters the system requires. It then downloads them over the Internet, or copies them from CD's.

The upgrade features smarter updating - an improved scheduling function determines when to launch updating sessions. It has fuzzy-logic capabilities, this resolves conflicting version information in application resource files.

The interface has also been improved, with smarter system support, including proxy servers with Mac OS 8.6 and later. It also delivers updaters specific to a user's OS version and system. The full version costs $29.95 for a year, both full and demo versions are available from Insider's Web site.