Kanex Group has released MacPopUp 2.5b.

The beta version of its revised cross-platform instant messenger is Mac OS X compatible, taking full advantage of the operating system's Aqua interface and pre-emptive multi-tasking.

The application lets Macintosh users exchange instant messages with other users on any local-area network. It also works on machines running UNIX, Windows and older Mac OSs.

Version 2.5b also allows messages to be sent simultaneously to multiple users or workgroups, and to print received messages. It understands 25 speech commands, and integrates Apple Internet Address Detectors (IAD). IAD recognizes addresses for email, Web sites, FTP, newsgroups, and remote hosts.

AppleScript support, Text encoding and drag-&-drop are also supported by the application. It is available as a free download, it costs $10 per copy for a fully registered version.