Apple's move to criticise existing Intel customers as "dull" has vexed the new chip-making partner.

During his keynote speech, Apple CEO Steve Jobs screened a new ad that proclaimed freedom for Intel's chips and a new age of being used to do more interesting things. It characterises Intel chips as having been: "Trapped inside PCs - dull little boxes, dutifully performing dull little tasks."

Intel vice-president Deborah Conrad denied such claims, telling CNet "Never would we characterise our customers that way."

Conrad explained that while Intel worked with Apple on some parts of the advertisement, it had no idea what Apple's chosen voice over would claim.

However, there may be an element of truth in there. The Intel VP said that her company hopes bringing Apple into the Intel fold will spark innovation among the "beige box makers", perhaps inspiring them to have a go at making better-looking products.

Not that they are dull, or anything.