Intel is taking rumours that Apple could be prepared to dump the company as a supplier very seriously, according to a senior Intel executive.

Back in May, Macworld reported on rumours that Apple was considering switching to ARM chips in its MacBook product lines by 2013.

It was rumoured that Apple built a MacBook Air around an A5 chip - the same processor found in the iPad 2 - several months ago and found it to perform much better than it had expected, leading the company to investigate the possibility of using chips based on ARM's architecture for its laptops.

Greg Welch, director of Intel's Ultrabook group, was this week interviewed by Cnet this week and provided some brief insight into Intel's fears that Apple could abandon the company's processors.

"We hear the same rumours and it would be remiss of us to be dismissive. We endeavor to innovate so they'll continue to look to us as a supplier," Welch told Cnet.

Earlier this month, Welch revealed that Apple had warned Intel to reduce the power consumption of its processors if it wanted to keep Apple's business.