Time Magazine has declared the new Intel iMac its "Gadget of the Week".

While almost identical in appearance and features to the G5 iMac, the new Intel-powered consumer desktop is "noticeably faster", says Time, which notes the computer took just 30-seconds to start-up.

The report notes that while many applications need to be ported to the new processor, most of these - with the noticeable exception of Apple's pro apps - will work fine on Intel using Mac OS X's built-in Rosetta emulation technology.

It also waxes lyrical on the iMac's new-found ability to drive a second screen for extra desktop space, observing: "Previously, any external monitor simply mirrored what was on the iMac's own screen".

iLife '06 (which ships as standard with all new Macs) also wins glowing praise, though Time calls Apple's built-in pester ad/iTunes Mini Store, "uncharacteristically tacky".

"Apple's new product line, both hardware and software, offers a lot to digest but don't worry. We'll revisit it again soon when the MacBook Pro, a sort of iMac on wheels, ships next month," the report concludes.