Additional details concerning Intel's next generation of 65-nanometre processors have emerged.

These will ship under the 'Core 2 Duo', with the first of the new processors scheduled to debut this August.

The dual-core processors will include what Intel calls the industry's "largest integrated cache or memory reservoir called Intel Advanced Smart Cache". This has been cunningly designed for faster performance on memory intensive applications.

The initial batch will reportedly run on a 667MHz front side bus, just as the current Core Duo. In future the company will implement an 800MHz front side bus in these processors. An upgraded version of Intel's 965 chipset will also debut, according to Daily Tech.

As previously revealed, Intel plans to launch its new Woodcrest chip for servers in June, followed by its new Conroe chip for desktops in July.

The new Conroe chip for desktops will be 40 per cent faster than the Pentium D960, the new Merom chip for mobile PCs will be 20 per cent faster than the Core Duo T2600, and the new Woodcrest chip for servers will be 80 per cent faster than the Xeon 2.8 GHz.

The imminent shipment of the new powerful desktop chips is likely to cause a fresh wave of speculation on when Apple will release new desktop Macs.

Such speculation is likely to be boosted by news that very few Power Mac G5s (with the exception of Quad G5s) are available to UK sales channels, a source told Macworld.