Interarchy 4.0 is available for download from Interarchy.

Interarchy is an Internet interface for Mac OS. It can transfer files using FTP and http, search the Internet to find files and detect information about remote servers and local-Internet connections. Interarchy can also be used to manage remote servers, making it possible to remotely control and test a Mac over the Internet. It offers a suite of 30 Internet tools.

All the program's functions can be accessed using menus. In version 4.0, users can customize the application's interface. These interfaces are shareable – so a customized look-&-feel can be exchanged with other users. Interfaces can also be hyperlinked to the Web or to other applications – including AppleScript.

Interarchy interfaces can be created with any image editor, and hyperlinks can be added using Interarchy Interface Builder, a freeware application bundled with the program.

Developed in close cooperation with Apple, the application uses Open Transport and AppleScript technologies. It also supports the Appearance Manager, drag-&-drop, Internet Config, and the Sherlock and Keychain systems.

The product's name was changed to match the company's dotcom address ( Though the company was entitled to the domain name, this name was cyber-squatted in 1998. The company refused to purchase the name from the cyber-squatter. A two-year legal battle ensued, but the company failed to acquire the name, due to problems regarding the jurisdiction of local courts over the Internet.

Interarchy needs only 1.5MB RAM and takes up only 1.1MB hard-drive space. It is available as a free download. The company released Interarchy 3.8 in August 2000.