Interex has been bought by Tripp Lite, a manufacturer of power protection equipment.

Tripp Lite, headquartered in Chicago, bought the assets of Interex on April 14, after Interex filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

XLR8, Interex's daughter company, which makes Mac upgrades, will be run as a separate division, according to a statement from XLR8.

Jack Kolk, general manager of XLR8, said: "We have been working with Tripp Lite over the last few months as the acquisition was formalized. They are committed to expanding XLR8 and have already funded ongoing R&D, prototypes, builds and continued operational growth. This has allowed projects such as the Carrier 2.0 upgrade and the imminent release of Interview 2.0 to progress rapidly."

Tripp Lite will continue to market the Interex brand, and will move all Interex operations, that were based in Wichita, to its Chicago facility.