Interex Europe is now shipping 350MHz G4 upgrades, the company announced yesterday.

The XLR8 350MHz MACh Carrier G4, and the MACh Speed G4z provide 350MHz G4 performance, with 1MB backside cache running at 233MHz.

Both upgrades ship with XLR8’s Velocity Extensions - AltiVec enabling software that boosts the performance of Adobe Photoshop 3.0 and 4.0. The company plans to develop Velocity Extensions for other applications and technologies.

The 350MHz MACh Carrier G4 costs £629, and is compatible with the Power Mac 7300-9600, UMAX S900/J700, PowerComputing PowerTower Pro and PowerWave, and DayStar Genesis MP (720 upwards).

The 350MHz MACh Speed G4 offers G4 compatibility to all Power Mac G3 systems, and costs £549.