Interex Europe has announced the UK pricing of its G4 upgrade cards, which, according to the company, are due to start shipping in the first week of October.

The problem with upgrades for blue & white G3s has been overcome, and the upgrades are available for both beige and blue & white models.

The pricing for the Ziff processor cards for beige and blue-&-white G3s are as follows:

G4 Z350/1 - £549
G4 Z400/1 - £629
G4 Z450/1 - £729
G4 Z500/1 - £829

The Ziff processor cards and Mach Carrier for PCI machines have the following prices:

G4C Z350/1 - £629
G4C Z450/1 - £699
G4C Z450/1 - £799
G4C Z500/1 - £899