A new resource for Macintosh developers has been launched by the Interface Mafia.

The non-profit group has launched a Web site that offers links, articles and other information related to interface design. The group is also offering developers free reviews that take a look at the user friendliness of software they develop.

Reflecting the long-standing Mac aesthetic, group co-ordinator Toby Rush said: "We are passionate about user-friendliness. We hope to help developers make their programs easier to use by reviewing their software."

Developers must fill out a Web-hosted form, and then may submit their software for review by the group's volunteers. Reviews, which are limited to looking at the programs user interface, are published on the group's Web site.

"We hope to gradually influence the software world by raising the standard for well-designed programs," said Rush.

The group is only inviting submissions from Mac software developers at this time.