Internet Explorer continues to lose market share to competing browsers.

The once dominant Netscape-killer now appears beleaguered, according to recent WebSideStory data, which says Internet Explorer’s share dropped by 1.5 per cent to 90.3 per cent, since December to Mid-January. It held 95.5 per cent in June 2004.

Firefox is emerging as the clear alternative of choice, grabbing five per cent of the market, up 0.9 per cent in the same period.

Others browsers also0 benefit: "Apple’s Safari and Opera grew from a little under one percent to 2.1, a 1.1 perc ent (or doubled) growth factor," reports CoolTech.

FireFox uses technologies developed within Netscape/AOL since 1999; technologies devised by teenage tech wunderkind Blake Ross and esteemed developer David Hyatt.

The Associated Press has an interesting story that reports that while Ross - who was just 17 - went on to develop FireFox, Hyatt moved with Apple to build Safari.