Vicomsoft has released the first public beta version of Internet Gateway for Mac OS X.

The product retains all the features of the currently shipping version. These include a software-based firewall, protecting against hacker attack, control of Internet access by user or group, and intelligent Web-caching. The product also offers network dial-in access, remote-management capability and built-in network-management capacities.

The Unix base of Mac OS X has raised concerns among security experts, who believe it may present experienced Unix hackers with ways to breach the security of Mac OS X-based systems. Macintosh security vendors are addressing the issue, bringing their solutions to Apple's next generation operating system as swiftly as possible.

Internet Gateway is available in Standard, Plus and Pro versions. They cost £99, £199 and £399 respectively (ex. Vat) and are available from BVRP in the UK.

The beta is available for free download from the company's Web site. Vicomsoft is keen to receive feedback from beta testers.