The rising take up of Internet use outside the US is exceeding analysts expectations, says the US Internet Council.

The findings are contained in the Council’s State of the Internet report, a summary of key Internet trends.

Bill Myers, the Council’s CEO, said: "The growth in the number of non-English speaking Web sites, combined with the rapidly rising number of Internet users in Asia and Europe is transforming the Internet from a US-dominated medium, to a true international communications backbone.

"Although North American users predominate, there appear to be 15 million more users online in Asia and Europe."

The group suggests that one contributing factor to this could be the proliferation of mobile phone use in Europe. In this sector, take-up has exceeded that of North America. The US continues to be dogged by a confusing mobile-phone pricing structure, which puts the industry at a disadvantage compared to Europe.

At Macworld Expo, New York, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, claimed that 89 per cent of Macintosh users are online. Personal computer companies across the board have adopted more Internet-focused strategies in reaction to Apple’s successful launch of the Internet-ready iMac. Apple looks set to report a twelfth successful financial-quarter, and another profitable year. Apple’s financial year ends on September 30.