Far from being baffled by the technology, the Internet is considered essential by the older generation, according to two surveys.

More than half of over-55s who use the Internet say it gives them a new lease of life, according to a survey by HP.
A similar survey by Telewest Broadband found that technology, especially the Net, is helping older people find new interests. The survey revealed that the Internet had introduced 57 per cent of over-50s online to new experiences.

According to the HP survey, 7 per cent look for love online and 22 per cent play games, writes The BBC.

Half of over-50s said life without the net was unimaginable, according to the Telewest survey.

However, only 35 per cent of people over-55s are using the Net, according to the Office of National Statistics.

The HP survey also found that people believe technology plays a crucial role in health matters. Similarly 58 per cent of over-65s said technology had made life better in some way for them, according to the Telewest survey.