Intego has released Internet Security Barrier X, a product that combines the company's existing products.

This is available in Backup; Family and professional editions for Mac OS X and OS 9.

VirusBarrier X protects Macs against viruses, checking System files and Macro scripts for dangers. It also prevent the accidental forwarding of PC viruses to PC users by email. Personal Backup X will automatically backup crucial data. It can also clone bootable OS X volumes for ultimate disaster recovery. ContentBarrier X prevents certain Internet content from downloading to a Mac and is designed to protect children.

Internet Security Barrier X Backup Edition includes: personal firewall, antivirus and personal back-up software. It costs £62.

Internet Security Barrier X Family Edition offers: personal firewall (NetBarrier X), antivirus (VirusBarrier X), and parental control software (ContentBarrier X). It costs £62, but is available at a discount price through Apple's Apple Store until April 30.

Internet Security Barrier X Professional Edition includes all of the above products: personal firewall, antivirus, backup, and parental control software. It costs £81.

Each product ships with a year's technical support. All prices exclude VAT.