Macromedia has teamed up with mobile phone giant Nokia to create a WAP-Website-generator extension for its Dreamweaver application.

The solution, to be announced today at Internet World, London, lets you author in WML (Wireless Mark-up-Language).

The extension presents users with a view made up of “cards” rather than screens. These are designed to be a visual representation of the mobile phone display. The cards can be configured to represent the differing screens that exist across Nokia’s WAP-phone range.

Matt Brown, Macromedia’s third-party relationships manager for Dreamweaver, said: “It’s a challenge. This is like the early days of HTML design, but WML is a far less forgiving environment.”

"For us, it shows the flexible nature of Dreamweaver, which can be customized for different needs.”

The extension has reached beta-status, and is expected to be called WAP-Objects for Dreamweaver. Though initially only available for Windows, Brown said that a Mac version is "planned", but progress on this depends on Macromedia's partners, Nokia.

Brown also revealed that Macromedia is working on an extension for its Flash, Web-ready image product that will let simple, black-&-white animations and images be accessed and broadcast over WAP networks.