Quark has revealed Site Midas, its Web-site management solution. First shown in beta at Seybold, Boston, the product is nearing the first phase of its release.

Site Midas boasts a series of powerful features, according to Eric Barnard its product manager.

Phase one of its release will offer administration, publishing and site-design functions. This will allow the creation of PDF files directly from Quark, and will generate Web-pages directly from the application. Users will be able to create Web pages, complete with rollovers, image maps and hyperlinks. The administration function will get statistics and data for pages.

The second version of the package will add database-management functionality. This will give an off-the-shelf solution for Internet-content providers. The product will be customizable and a one-stop solution for getting content online.

Phase three will integrate powerful workflow-management features, including the ability to manage work processes, and annotate Web pages and collaborative task-management.