While Apple shares are booming today, future growth hinges on the company producing a new hit product soon, Wall Street analysts say.

The company is likely to return full-year revenues 70 per cent higher than in 2004. As a result, shares have climbed 170 per cent in a year - but Business Week warns that at present values new investors should beware, as there may be little growth left in the stock, unless that elusive iPod follow-up succeeds.

Some analysts anticipate that Apple's growth rate is set to slow, with iPod sales potentially now at their peak. It's a hard act to follow.

Others expect new Macs, the iTunes phone and the potential release of a video-capable iPod to generate new sales and to maintain growth.

Some point to Apple's revitalized brand as part of the equation to attract customers.

Many expect that reaction to the iTunes phone and any new product launches at Apple Expo Paris will be critical to short-term Apple fortunes.

Summing-up, one analyst observed: "It's a great company, but given the price and the prospects going forward, I'm not sure how they can continue that growth."