Iomart has launched its high-speed ADSL (asymetric digital subscriber lines) service – and slammed BT for not following suit.

Iomart will roll-out its business ADSL services. Its residential ADSL services will sell through its subsidiary,

ADSL lets standard phone-lines carry both data and voice messages simultaneously, at speeds up to 40 times faster than existing dial-up modem connections. ADSL access is unmetered after the monthly fee.

Iomart technical director, Neil Finlayson, said: "ADSL’s faster connection speeds and bandwidth present an opportunity to implement applications and uses of the Internet that were the stuff of dreams five years ago."

Iomart expects to install its services this August, but a spokesman was scornful of BT’s recently announced reasons for the delayed launch of its ADSL services in the UK: "BT said the delay was because they couldn’t find enough triallists. We know that thousands of people have signed up for the service when it goes live."

Like the ADSL services available from BT and Thus, Macs can only use the more expensive ethernet connection options. Access to the USB-based single-user ADSL service are delayed for Macs, due to problems BT claims it has building Mac drivers for the software.

Three services are available that work with Mac, all with 256K upstream and a £260 set up fee. Dazzle 500, with 512K downstream, costs £155 per month. Dazzle 1000, has 1,024K downstream and costs £195/month and Dazzle 2000, with 2.048K downstream costs £235/month.

The USB-based single-user connection, which does not yet support the Mac, costs £40 per month with a £150 set-up fee. It offers 256K upstream and 512K downstream connection speeds.