Iomega has announced a 750MB USB 2.0 Zip Drive, its highest capacity external drive to date.

The drive offers double the maximum data-transfer speed of the previous device – 7.5MB/s (max). A FireWire version ships in the autumn.

Iomega president and CEO Werner Heid said: “For a long time we've been hearing from users who depend on their Zip drives but have been asking us for more capacity."

The drive is held in a robust case. Each Zip disc holds 750MB, and the discs are available separately. Though the new 750MB discs will not function on older Zip drives, older Zip media will work in the new 750MB model.

The solution ships with all necessary software, including a solution for automatic data back-up. US price has been announced as $179.95, 750MB Zip discs cost $12.49 each. UK pricing has been requested.