Iomega yesterday introduced HotBurn, its new software solution for CD recording.

The company is touting its solution as "setting a new standard of speed and simplicity". According to Iomega: "In usability testing, HotBurn software consistently performed faster than the industry leader for users of all experience levels. In four out of five tasks measured, users were able to set up CD projects quicker, and they experienced less waiting time before and after the burn."

Iomega's senior VP of software solutions Germaine Ward said: "CD-burning software often puts the user through a confusing and complicated process."

Iomega's solution: "Wraps the functions that people use most of the time into a clean powerful interface, replacing the usual complexity with one or two simple steps," Ward said.

The company plans to bundle the software with its CD-RW drives.

Like Roxio's industry-standard CD authoring application, Toast 5, HotBurn groups the options for creating a CD into a single screen. The UI is customizable, and the software supports multiple CD copying from one source CD. It will author data and audio CDs and implements Iomega's new Burn-Proof technology, designed to eliminate buffer under-runs for more successful CD-authoring.

The application ships in October with Iomega CD-RW drives, and will be available later this year for download for users of third-party drives. It's compatible with Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x.