Iomega has announced the USB Predator rewritable CD drive (CD-RW).

Iomega representatives have confirmed that the drive will ship in Europe in the first quarter of 2001, but cannot commit to an exact date or UK price at this time. The Predator CD-RW will cost $270 when it ships in the US in January.

The drive's case is in a textured cobalt blue with silver accents, and is top-loading like a portable CD player (see picture). Through USB, Predator offers 4x-4x-6x performance.

Predator will ship with a USB adaptor originally, but a FireWire version will be offered later in the product's life. Eventually adaptors will be released that will let Iomega's Predator switch between any of four hot-swappable connection types – USB 1.1, FireWire, PCMCIA and USB 2.0 (which Apple's computers do not yet support).