At IPEX 2002 Wam!Net launched a service that dramatically cuts the cost of joining its secure, digital content delivery and hosting solution. WorkSpace – from £199 per month – provides Wam!Net clients with secure upload and download file delivery – via a supplied Web interface, FTP client or AppleShare File Server (AFP) mounted volume. Wam!Net also announced its Direct! IP content-distribution service, which allows Wan!Net services via the customer's existing local Internet connection.

Traditionally, Wam!Net customers are connected with their partners and clients within the company’s secure, online digital environment - enabling them to share, collaborate, store and manage content. Wam!Net claims that its services save on the significant capital investments and systems-management requirements and costs often associated with proprietary networks or FTP workflows.

The basic cost of Wam!Net’s services remains at £2,350 for installation of a 2Mbps leased line and secure hardware and software, plus a £1,295 monthly fee. Now, WorkSpace offers many more companies access to its secure file-delivery services.

WorkSpace saver Featuring a standard 5GB remote facility, Wam!Net’s WorkSpace service is instantly scalable to handle any amount of data. WorkSpace combines the simplicity of an FTP file server with on-line collaboration and workflow tools that allow users to manipulate, proof, manage, organize and distribute digital content whether it's a work in progress or a finished job.

Files can be uploaded, browsed or downloaded from WorkSpace using a standard Web Browser. Or, WorkSpace can be integrated into an existing FTP workflow using any standard FTP client. Macintosh users can mount a Wam!Net WorkSpace as an Apple File Server, and manage files using the Mac OS. In addition, WorkSpace subscribers can send packages through the existing Wam!Net dedicated digital data-delivery service if they wish.

Users can view, annotate and colour-check proofs on-line using the RealTime Imaging application. And files can be re-purposed prior to download or delivery, using a variety of image re-purposing tools that allow file formats to be specified, resolution and dimensions to be changed, plus tailored colour space and cropping options.

Chris Friend, managing director of Wam!Net Europe, said: "By continuing to develop the flexibility of our product range, Wam!Net is bringing powerful digital data delivery and management services to a much wider spectrum of graphics professionals at a highly competitive price. Whatever your digital data-workflow requirements, Wam!Net provides a service to suit that is ultimately scalable, reliable at all times and extremely cost-effective."

Direct! IP Wam!Net also announced its new Direct! IP (Internet-provisioned) content-distribution service, extending the company's full line of industry standard services for secure, managed file transport. Commercially available this month, the Direct! IP service utilizes customer premise equipment to provide the convenience of secure file delivery directly to a customer's LAN, while allowing customers the flexibility to manage their own local network circuit.

Particularly useful in where the customer's required bandwidth is already in place, or in remote areas, the Direct! IP service enables content distribution via a virtual private network between the customer's local Internet connection and the Wam!Net private network.

"Direct! IP meets the requirements of our customers who have offices or partners in geographic locations outside of Wam!Net 's standard area of coverage, or who choose to manage their own bandwidth," said Friend.

IPEX is being held at held at Birmingham NEC until April 17.