Apple's iPhoto has been downloaded over one million times since its release in January, the company announced yesterday.

Apple claims that the distribution is even higher, as the number of copies pre-installed on new Macs is not taken account of in the figure. iPhoto is available as a free download from the company.

Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, said: "iPhoto is the missing link in digital photography and is revolutionizing how we save, organize and share digital photos.

"With more than one million downloads in just two months, iPhoto has almost instantly become one of the most popular digital-photo applications of all time."

iPhoto lets users create Web pages of images, view images in full-screen, run cross-dissolving slide shows (with music), email images to other parties, and, one day, will permit UK users to order professionally processed prints.

The application needs Mac OS X 10.1.2, a 400MHz G3 processor and 2565MB of RAM.