Apple has released iPod Software 2.0.1.

This update supports only iPods with a dock connector. Owners of previous-generation iPods should use iPod Software 1.3.

The following improvements are offered: better support for Asian languages; enhanced on-the-go playlist; and improvements to playback, handling of MP3 VBR tracks, and to the backlight and alarm clock.

The update also fixes the product's sort by artist and left/right channel-swapping features.

An update for Windows has also been released. This offers USB 2.0 synchronization, support, support for multiple iPods on one PC and improves the product's performance. Apple has also posted a link to an improved version of MusicMatch Jukebox for Windows users, which supports USB 2.0.

Apple's iPod now accounts for 51 per cent of the hard-drive based MP3 player market, according to analyst firm Needham & Co.

The iPod is available in 10GB, 15GB and 30GB capacities, and costs £249, £299 and £399 respectively.