Apple is ramping up its global iPod advertising with a selection of initiatives and advertising placements.

Mac-spotters have been witnessing the appearance of a wave of iPod ads at bus stops across the capital.

This morning, Apple's UK site is hosting a QuickTime version of the iPod TV ad. The TV ad campaign kicks off in the UK this week and runs until the end of November.

However, perhaps the most unique promotional campaign Apple that has launched around the product is in Taiwan. Local news source Taiwan News reports that Apple Taiwan is heading back to the sixties, with its iPod Magic Bus campaign.

Apple Taiwan has sent four iPod buses – in yellow, purple, blue, and green – on the road, describing these as "digital music stores on wheels".

"Each bus represents a consumer's taste in music – yellow for hip-hop, purple for dance music, green for inspirational and family tunes, and blue for R&B and jazz. Those iPod buses will be pushing home the advantages of the product across Taipei (population 2,641,856) until the end of December.

Apple country manager Jack Tong told Taiwan News: "Every iPod bus passenger will also get a raffle coupon from us. We will hold the raffle draw at InfoMonth, the biggest consumer electronics show in Taiwan. We will give away tons of products including Mac computers, digital cameras, digital printers, and of course, iPods. So, who says there's no such thing as a free ride?"

Apple's Taiwan team will be taking road trips aboard these buses to promote iPods in central and southern Taiwan. "It's the music season for Apple. We are way ahead of our competition, and we want to sustain our momentum," said Tong.

Macworld would welcome images of the buses.