It's St Patrick's Day next Thursday and iPod users around the world will be able to find the perfect Irish pub with their iPod.

A company is offering an iPod edition of its Irish Pubs Directory– a "comprehensive list of Irish Pubs around the world".

The directory makes use of the Notes feature of the iPod to make the listings readable and easy to browse. All the user has to do is select the country and town they are visiting to be presented with a list of Irish bars in that location.

The directory is categorised by city and includes information provided by the pubs themselves as well as reviews and ratings, and contact details.

The Irish Pubs Directory CEO Brian O’Connell said: “With the release of this service we not only benefit travellers – who can carry a worldwide list at their fingertips, but also the pubs who can now reach a mobile, affluent audience at the exact moment they are choosing an Irish pub to visit. And this advertising is available for free simply by entering their details on The Irish Pubs Directory Web site.”

iPods can also be equipped with the SXSW 2005 Music Festival schedule. The festival takes place from March 11 to 20 in Austin, Texas.