Apple executives spend a lot of time talking about iPod integration - but not like this.

Toymaker Corgi International has introduced the iCar, a new iPod accessory that's expected to ship in autumn.

With 73 million iPod-integrating full-size cars predicted to be on the road by 2011, Corgi will launch two models of 1:24 scale replicas - the Cadillac Escalade and Nissan 240SX. And they both have input jacks for digital music players.

"Are you ready for the coolest iPod experience yet? Then crank up some tunes, plug in and watch the amazing iCar do its thing: It rocks right to left, front to back, and up and down to the music. Coloured lights illuminate the wheel wells, rims, undercarriage, engine and trunk areas, and the high-quality speaker pumps out the sound. You can even manually open the doors and hood to create a whole new look," the company said.

The iCar runs on 3 AAA batteries or with an AC adapter, and can connect to any music source that has standard headphone jacks - all iPods, other MP3 players, CD players, stereos and PCs - with the included cord. The new toys will cost $34.99 in the US.