The relationship between advertising agencies and music is changing, as time-shifted audio and TV threaten to marginalize traditional advertising media.

Advertising professionals have begun experimenting with music in order to reach consumers, Reuters reports. Burger King in the US recently assembled, sponsored and toured a band called Coq Rock.

Music to brand by

"iPod has really changed the world for people in terms of them having their own playlists," Burger King marketing chief Russ Klein told Reuters. "We have to earn our way into it."

In the UK, Vodafone recently featured music from Overseer within a TV ad.

The relationship between advertising and music is not new, but as consumers learn to skip the ad breaks, salespeople need to be able to tie their product marketing to successful sounds.

As an example take Sheffield-based artist The Overseer, who has never followed established gigging route to music industry fame, specializing in creating music for movies and ads.

Now the artist has released an album in the UK, which includes that featured track ("Velocity Shift") and is available on iTunes.

Apple avoids marketing's low-hanging fruit

Apple has no plans to let advertisers access iPods directly, the company's vice president of product marketing Greg Joswiak said: "We have gone out of our way to not take advantage of advertising opportunities. We don't think it's part of the experience we want to give."

Reuters believes advertisers will: "Cultivate new music talent, brand recommended song lists for consumers or even strike deals to get brands into music videos and song lyrics, ad executives said."