Litigation against iPod chipmaker Wolfson Microelectronics has delayed what is anticipated to be the UK's largest IT share issue for almost two years, but only by two days.

Cirrus Logic last week filed suit alleging patent infringement in 15 of the Scottish firm's 50 silicon chips. The move caused crisis talks at Wolfson, which calls the claims "without merit", and vowed to "defend itself rigorously", according to The Scotsman.

Wolfson had a £20.2 million turnover last year. It's thought the company will delay listing the shares until Thursday to give investors more time to assess the investment. Shares are "likely" to open at £2.80 per share, This Is London reports.

Cirrus and Wolfson compete in their market – Wolfson gave Cirrus a bloody nose earlier this year, when it won the exclusive contract to supply chips for the Xbox games console. The Scotsman observes: "The previous provider was US firm Thomson Multimedia, which sourced chips from Cirrus."

Cirrus shares cost $6.72.