Apple must add a colour screen to iPod if the product isn't to stagnate, a top technology expert insists.

Writing for Technology Review, Eric Hellweg says: "With its monochromatic, 4-point font the iPod display harks back to DOS prompts and Pong-era computer design. If allowed to remain this way, the iPod seriously risks stagnating.

"The iPod’s anemic display stands in jarring contrast to the obvious care that went into designing the unit's casing. Apple should write a quick few lines of code that would allow iPod users to store and view photographs."

While iPod users can store photographs on iPod via add-ons such as Belkin's Media Reader, they cannot currently view them.

Hellweg said: "Introducing a colour screen doesn’t mean abandoning a music-only focus. With a colour screen and beefier hard drive, consumers downloading iTunes songs could also fetch an image file of the album cover art. Or for an incremental additional fee, users could get the song’s video, or at least a video snippet."

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