iPod DJing continues to spread, with a new party in Iowa and the next Playlist London event taking place on Saturday February 26.

The development of these events is raising music industry interest, too: with music producer and recording artist Scott G speaking up for the phenomenon.

He believes the development of such clubs is encouraging musical diversity, ushering in new interest in music itself: "There hasn’t been anything like it since the late Tom Donahue created underground radio in the sixties. If you look at Donahue’s playlists you see some extraordinary musical transitions, and that’s what iPod culture is bringing back."

"I think it’s a great way for people to hear new music and hope more artists support it."

People taking part in the new event in Iowa agree - but it has its challenges: "It's kind of stressful because you feel like everybody's going to judge you on your taste in music."

London's next iPod DJ event, Playlist, takes place February 26 at The Progress Bar in Tufnell Park, beginning at 9pm. There is no admission charge. More information on the club is available here.

That club invites potential DJs to turn up with their best 15-minute collection of legally-owned tunes on their iPod or other music player. Volunteer judges assess the DJs performance, and the very best will win prizes from event sponsor, ItzKitz.