Apple is offering advice on switching from PC to Mac – with a little help from the iPod.

The iPod can be set to act as an external hard drive, making it possible to transfer all the files from the PC to the Mac.

In the How To Apple recommends deleting everything from the iPod, then loading the iPod with all the files from the PC.

Apple's advice is that users copy their iTunes Music Library, Microsoft Office documents, photos, and movies, contacts and email addresses, email messages, and Internet favourites/bookmarks.

Once everything is on the iPod it should be disconnected from the PC, and then connected to the Mac. The iPod should appear on the desktop as an external drive, and then everything can be copied onto the Mac.

Other necessary steps are deauthorizing iTunes on the PC. Tunes bought from the iTunes Store can be deauthorized so that they can't be played on the PC anymore, then they can be authorized to be played on the new Mac.