The University of Wales, Bangor, has begun making essential course materials available as podcasts.

A local report reveals that the university's School of Psychology has begun the initiative, introducing podcasts of lectures and video podcasts, available for download.

It's a new initiative, explained Jesse Martin, teaching Fellow at the School of Psychology: "We've only been doing it for a few weeks, but the podcasts are well received by students. We haven't yet found an example of another university combining images, such as slides from demonstrations in their podcasts, as we are," she told IC News Wales.

Other initiatives include interactive topic-based web pages, online quizzes and more. All first and second-year lectures will be recorded and made available as podcasts to all students with disabilities. Other experiments are also planned.

Students approve the move: "I found the podcast of a lab session that I downloaded very useful and the audio of lectures in my opinion is essential," said second-year psychology student Theresa Gill, from Manchester.