Despite Consumer Association accusations that Apple overcharges for iTunes tracks in the UK, its monthly magazine, Which?, continues to celebrate Apple's iPod.

November's cover story, 'Music Goes Miniature' tests a selection of market-leading MP3 players - and Apple's iPod leads the pack, with a 86 per cent rating. Nipping at its heels is the Apple iPod mini, with it's own creditable 74 per cent score. The iAudio M3 is the closest competitor, with 69 per cent, but does not work with a Mac.

"It's nearly three years since we first proclaimed the iPod as a Best buy and a revelation," Which? states. "The general public soon caught up and now the iPod is everywhere - but it's still the best."

The report adds that, "Apple has hit on a combination of sound quality, ease of use and sheer charm that's unmatched." The iPod mini is described as, "every bit as delightful to use". Apple's iTunes software also wins praise, with the company's approach to this described as, "well thought-out".

Scores were rated on the following criteria: Sound quality 60 points; Ease-of-use, 20 points; Features, 20 points. Apple's products scored the highest of all products tested in both the hard drive and solid state categories for ease-of-use.