Apple has released updates for iPod and for iSync.

iPod Software Update 1.3.1 improves compatibility between Mac OS X 10.3 and iPods without dock connectors. The 5.6MB update is available using Apple's Software Update feature.

The company also released iSync 1.3 last week. This introduces "calendar, contact and to-do synchronization for a number of new phones. These include Sony Ericsson's P900 and P800, Nokia 3650 and 7650 and the new N-Gage smart phones.

On these models, the software matches Address Book pictures to the contact information in the phone, so a picture flashes up when an individual calls.

The update supports new Bluetooth phones from Sony Ericsson, the T616, T630, and the Z600. "Finally, .Mac users who sync their bookmarks can now view, edit and use them from any browser by visiting," Apple said.

iSync 1.3 requires a form be filled in and is available here.