Developers are considering how to use Apple's new iPod Photo as a presentation device.

A note on O'Reilly's Developer Weblogs reports developer Timothy Appnel. Appnel considers that the device already has what it takes (the ability to link to a TV set or projector) to work as a presentation device.

At present it appears only possible by creating presentations in Keynote, exporting these to QuickTime, and then breaking that movie into stills using QuickTime Pro.

Meanwhile, MacOSRumors (site currently inaccessible) speculates Apple may be planning to update its Keynote presentation software at some future point. Some online rumours suggest Apple CEO Steve Jobs' presentation on Tuesday may have used a version of Keynote 2

"Given Steve's propensity to use only Apple-made items when possible, it's doubtful these were made with 3rd party plugins," a report said.