US 15-year-old teenager, Christopher Rose, was killed for his iPod last week.

The assailants were arrested, and one remains in New York police custody.

The attack follows a spate of attacks on commuters in that city, as criminal elements begin to comprehend the value of the market-leading product.

The passing of teenage lives in exchange for a music player was clearly never on Apple's agenda.

Comfort in crisis

Apple CEO Steve Jobs contacted the father of the 15-year-old on Monday to offer what comfort he could.

Jobs expressed his sympathies for the father, and offered help, according to the New York Times.

"He told me if there is anything - anything - anything he could do, to not be afraid to call him. It really lightened me a bit," the child's father told the paper.

"He was so familiar. After every word, he paused, as if each word he said came from his heart," he added.

The father observed the rapid pace of change of the modern age, and the technology which promises so much, but said: "It's not all these things. We have to work on the minds and the hearts.

"We're failing these kids. We're not loving them like we're supposed to."