An education expert is adamant that the iPod should be banned from schools in Australia claiming the gadget distracts students from study, and isolates them from peers.

Following a decision by the International Grammar School in Sydney last month to outlawed the gadgets, schools in Queensland are being pressured to ban the iPod for fear that the music player is effecting the student's ability to learn.

Education commentator Christopher Bantick, who branded iPods a "the scourge of the 21st Century", believes that kids who take iPods to school could be distracted from learning.

Bantick told The Sunday Mail: "If they are playing them throughout the day they are definitely leading to social isolation and a very clear distraction from instruction."

He also claims that use of iPods is damaging kids' concentration spans. "With so many kids wired up, they are going to end up experiencing the world in grabs. They won't be able to manage long pieces of information, and that is going to start being an issue in terms of their learning and information recycling; and it could filter into their relationships."

"The bottom line is they should not be brought to school, and parents should be aware they could possibly disrupt the learning program of their child," he said.

An education spokeswoman in Queensland said there was no evidence that misuse of the technology was "a significant problem", however.

No such claims have previously been made about the impact on education of listening to music.