Move over Fonzie, it's Apple's iPod that's stealing US teenage hearts in a race that casts Sony as a second choice romance.

US investment firm Piper Jaffray released results of its 'Taking Stock With Teens' survey yesterday, and the results show the iPod as the number one music player "by a significant margin".

A decisive 56 per cent of 518 teenagers surveyed own iPods - and that's up almost a half since last autumn, when 40 per cent of teenagers owned one.

Sony grabbed just 14 per cent of hearts; iRiver 7 per cent; Rio 5 per cent. Seventeen per cent of respondents own other brands, such as Dell and Creative.

Fifty-nine per cent of students expect to buy a music player in the next year, and 70 per cent of these plan to purchase an iPod.

"In our view, the key takeaways from this survey are the digital audio market is gaining more steam among this 14 to 18 year old demographic, and [the] iPod remains significantly ahead of competition in both marketshare and mindshare," the analysts said.